ChatGpt4 is Worse Than Gpt3.5 Utterly Dissappointed

I enjoyed using my subscription to Gpt 4 last year but currently it is a pure let down. If there was a better version out there id forget about my subscription.

The Response after a prompt is so bad, Gpt3.5 does it way better. Gpt 3 has better responses, accepts larger inputs of data, detailed to the core.

What did i really pay for?

All the cool features I had in Gpt4, last year are gone with the wind. Is there anyone at OpenAi who has tested this Version before pushing to production?

One Word, Disappointed!

Is so disgustingly bad, last 2 weeks chatgpt 4.0 is no longer useful for coding, nor math, when it makes mistakes and I ask, did you make a mistake previously? It says of course not!!!
But it obviously did, I asked it to give me a nor gate and it CONFIDENTLY gave me the NAND gate in spice, when I pointed this to the bot it double down, WOW. It’s like I’m taking to Gpt-2