ChatGPT voice mode has weird bug right now

I wanted to share a bug I encountered with ChatGPT’s voice mode and see if anyone else has experienced something similar.

Normally, when using the voice mode, you can keep holding the screen and continue speaking until you release your finger, at which point the voice message is sent. However, today I noticed that this functionality isn’t working as expected. Even when I hold the screen and pause to think or stop speaking momentarily, the voice message is sent automatically. It’s as if the app is not recognizing that I’m still holding the screen and should wait for me to finish speaking before sending the message.

This issue is quite frustrating, especially when I need a moment to gather my thoughts without having to restart the message. I’m not sure if this is a new bug or if anyone else has faced a similar problem.

Could the development team please look into this? If anyone has found a workaround or has any advice, I would really appreciate it!


Yep, this issue occurs for me as well and is very frustrating as I tend to take my time to organize my thoughts while speaking. I pause frequently. Seems the voice mode has been struggling in general the past couple of weeks.

Indeed, same bug is happening for me too since morning or similarly. I’m a slow speaker and pausing with a thumb has been working nice for me. Now I can’t even finish my sentence.

I’ve had the same issue since yesterday. I really hope for a fix. I tried the update, clear the cache, log out and log back in… Nothing has worked so far

Voice is broken, chat is broken, API is slow to respond. What I regarded as a productivity enhancer is becoming more and more painful to use. Not scaling well apparently… And…why does it keep responding to me in Welsh!!! I have my language set to English on every device and in every place I can find in ChatGPT settings on all devices. I’ve also added custom instructions to only ever respond in English, and if another language is heard please ask for clarification in English as that is the language in which I communicate with ChatGPT. Has the training data been poisoned?