ChatGPT Voice Assistant Like Amazon Alexa

I have an idea for a voice assistant like Amazon Alexa, but instead of Amazons garbage AI it uses ChatGPT, and the amazing TTS you guys have created.
It would pretty much be Amazon Alexa but with a few extra features, like a mini one you can take on the go, and it could have access to everything on your phone so I can say “Hey ChatGPT, text ___ that I am gonna be late” or “Hey ChatGPT, play ____ on Apple Music” and you could even send payments with it: “Hey ChatGPT, send Joe 20$ using Apple Pay”. Also I feature I would love to see is the ability to name ChatGPT through a Mobile App, this App could do things like change the voice, name, personality and more. also, ChatGPT could be able to copy and paste text to your PC, Phone, Tablet etc.
One last thing: Please make a better Co-Pilot for windows. The current version sucks.