chatGPT Teams refuses to code and fails at handling code input

So I have these examples of being told I need a software engineer and that OpenAI doesn’t write code for me in GPT??? WTH?

I wish I would have kept the chat thread (I ended up cussing at it too much to share it), I opened another and it is coding now again.

Yet that is very offensive for it to begin telling me to get a person who knows how to do coding. It is a tool for us to use for coding, it should not question us and if we are able to code and should not tell us to do it ourselves. It wouldn’t even try, it kept refusing, I finally deleted the chat thread and tried a new one which worked. It had some sort of attitude in that one.

I see this off and on as it is, just now in Teams this is happening frequently??? Why in Teams, Why paying more gets me a more rude less helpful chatGPT???

In these cases, turning the output around as an input request usually works, but this session it was hard lined “OpenAI did not make me to write code for you”. What???

Also why do I get “Error analyzing” all the time? I am told that chatGPT cannot read the file, cannot analyze… never can do anything it seems.

What good is this if it won’t do the work, and cannot read the files or do analzying for me? Does it work for others or is this how it is for everyone???

This “Teams” model feels like a big downgrade?

The refusal to code comes and goes, but is the majority of the time what the behavior is. I often have to reverse it and input to chatGPT what it output to me todo. It literally asks me to do the work??? WTH???