ChatGPT Team Workspace: Unable to export chat?

Hello - Is there no option to export chat history in team workspace as there is in personal accounts? I am not seeing an export chat option. Is this not a feature that’s included in this team membership?

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Unfortunately, you are correct.

You cannot export chats from a Teams workspace account. Notably, if you downgrade you’re account, your chat history gets wiped as well.

This was not something that OpenAI made very clear.


This is BS. I ruined my account because I wanted to not have rate limiting issues anymore. How did they not foresee that people would do this? Now my only choice is to downgrade, go back to rate limits, and lose my entire account history? Great, thanks.

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Oversight of monumental proportions in my opinion!
How can it be possible that someone thought this was ok to get people to upgrade and triple their monthly subscriptions costs and then take away basic features that are far more likely to be used by people who are willing to pay 3 times the price???..just…WOW!


100% agree.
I deleted my Personal account cause I wanted more from GPT.
Why is Export gone? At the very least, make it an option for the Team owner to enable or disable if you worried.

This needs to come back. As in yesterday.

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Oh bugger… a few years of my conversations with a robot lost… shame, my dreams of having a personal ai trained on my previous conversations dashed. My bad really.

Looking for updates from Open AI. Is there any plan to restore the ability to share chat history from a Team account?