ChatGPT prompt can't scroll at the bottom right

Unable to click and use the scrollbar on, when it is at the bottom. It seems that the scroll bar is covered by the prompt textarea input form and go to top icon.


same problem with me. Tried Safari, Chrome, updated Chrome. Nothing changed. Its very annoying.

Same here, it’s annoying and can’t fix it!

No ability to scroll down in edge or chrome. right hand scroll bar missing

very annoying

I think it started after the update that added the timestamps to the history menu. a method to see the prompt gpt gives would be going to inspect element and just deleting your question. it wont show it all if the gpt’s answer is big but it should help.

nvrm, it came back somehow. i just refreshed and went back to the prompt.

I’m having the same problem. Also tried with firefox with no luck.

One solution is to open the inspect tool on the main window, navigate to:
class=“react-scroll-to-bottom–css-smfoq-79elbk h-full dark:bg-gray-800”
Now delete the class ‘h-full’ or go to the styles window and untick height: 100%;
Now you have a scroll bar an normal functioning. Gonna have to redo this every time you refresh but it works.

I have the same problem, my work around is now to copy the answer and paste in Notebook or Word or Onenote, and after that reload the page.

<div class="absolute bottom-0 left-0 w-full border-t md:border-t-0 dark:border-white/20 md:border-transparent md:dark:border-transparent md:bg-vert-light-gradient bg-white dark:bg-gray-800 md:!bg-transparent dark:md:bg-vert-dark-gradient pt-2">
width: calc(100% - 8px)

Agree here. Please get rid of the fancy UI effects and use normal scrollbars. The inability to scroll back up to the answer before all the added info is a productivity killer.

There is some sort of white gradient at the bottom that hides and makes the scrollbar thumb/slider inaccessible.

This infuriated me!! Here’s how to kill it…

Now if only I can figure out how to make search results appear in the scrollbar when I’m searching in page… it’s like they decided to make the dumbest possible scrollbar.