ChatGPT Plus does not take instructions into account

I was one of the first to subscribe to ChatGPT Plus. I cut my subscription in November then I subscribed again yesterday and I realized that ChatGPT does not take into account personalized instructions, and even when I create a GPT I find that it does not take into consideration the instructions which allowed the creation of this GPT.

Does anyone have an idea why? and how to solve this problem? I find that chatGPT plus was not better before the integration of the shop


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It seems that custom instructions are currently presented only once at the beginning of a chat session (probably not a bug, but a specification).

As a result, for Plus plan users, once the 32K context limit is exceeded, the language model can no longer see the custom instructions and appears to forget them.

maybe but even during the first prompt it does not take it into account whereas a few months ago there was no problem.

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Well, that’s a bit odd.
Indeed, there have been some major changes in the qualities of the plus plan compared to a few months ago. In my case, custom instructions are taken into account in the first part of the conversation.
I am not sure of the difference between your case and mine.

If you could let us know the specific custom instructions and prompts, it might help everyone find a solution.