Chatgpt output as markdown

Quite often, I’d like to copy the response and so I instruct ChatGPT to output as markdown. However, the UI is unable to distinguish the parts that should not be rendered, resulting in a strange, half-rendered response.

It would be nice to have a “Download as Markdown” button to copy the response or something like a raw output, so markdown is displayed exactly as it is returned from the model, without the fancy html rendering.

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The simple “copy” button per messages gets you the raw AI output. For example paste a “copy button” to the forum, we get the same markdown formatting here (and then I quote it with the editor button):

In Python, dictionary keys can be of various types, not just strings. While strings are a common choice for keys, integers, floats, and other immutable data types can also serve as keys.

For example, you can have a dictionary with integer keys like this:

my_dict = {1: 'one', 2: 'two', 3: 'three'}

You can also use other immutable types like tuples as keys:

tuple_dict = {(1, 2): 'onetwo', (3, 4): 'threefour'}

However, mutable types like lists cannot be used as dictionary keys because dictionaries require keys to be immutable. This is because the keys are used to create a hash, and the hash needs to remain constant for the key.

In summary, Python dictionary keys can be of various types, including integers, strings, and other immutable types, but they cannot be mutable types like lists.

The copy button can be on the right or below, depending on the window width, along with the thumbs up/thumbs down.

If the learning or sharing is turned off, it could be that the like/dislike is not only disabled but the copy also, for the case where you don’t have a button.


Selecting the whole text in the browser window will copy it to clipboard as HTML, which will also be re-rendered in a supporting “paste” environment. Pasting here shows the same as before, but into notepad, no backtick container.

I know, but that’s not my problem. If you are asking to return the reponse as markdown, then the “code examples” are not escaped.

That is satisfied by the current UI.

In your screenshot, it is clear that the tutorial of ‘how to use’ is not “code”.

You can look at this chat share, where “copy” not on the blocks but of the whole would copy the markdown AI language that the AI produced, not HTML.

(and another thing to get pissed off about. OpenAI removed the “continue chat” of a share, now just putting an add “upgrade to plus to create a GPT”)

That would be nice though :slight_smile: But I.M.O not escaping the backticks while the output is allready in “code-mode” is a ‘bug’ in the UI.



my_horrible_example = …


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Again, there is no bug in the UI - the copy button will give back exactly what the AI produced.

Perhaps the AI is confused by the way you are talking to it about markdown (just like talking about functions will make them work worse). Here’s the actual chat share link I forgot, so you can see how I talk to ChatGPT about “markdown code blocks”.

We disagree. I asked for markdown to get a ‘copy’ button. But it only renders a part right till the first closing backticks when there is code involved. You can try it youself.

You do not have a clipboard “copy” button for the whole chat, along with upvote/downvote?


Try resizing the width of your window to alternate these buttons appearing beside or below the AI response.

Maybe, like I indicated before, they are disabled for you if you don’t have “chat history and training” enabled in settings.

Thank you for your patience. I found those buttons. It works flawless. Thank you.