ChatGPT Mobile app voice convo: 'Send Keyword' feature to give more room for thinking when speaking

Hi there,

I’m a frequent user of ChatGPT’s voice conversation feature and absolutely love the convenience it brings, especially for hands-free interactions. However, I’ve noticed a bit of a hiccup - the system tends to send my messages too quickly if I pause for even a moment. This can be a bit stressful, as it doesn’t leave much room for thoughtful pauses while speaking.

To make this feature even better, I have a suggestion. What if we introduce a specific keyword that we could say to signal when we’re ready to send the message? This would allow for more natural speech patterns and less worry about accidental message sends. I believe this would enhance the user experience significantly, maintaining the hands-free appeal without the need for a physical ‘send’ button.

Thanks for considering this improvement. Keep up the great work!