ChatGPT (Markdown) —> LinkedIn (UTF-8)

I am currently working on converting the output of ChatGBT into a format that is compatible with LinkedIn. ChatGBT generates a Markdown text where bold words are indicated with asterisks. However, LinkedIn does not provide an option to display text in bold unless it is generated via UTF-8. How can I make a Markdown text LinkedIn-friendly? Thank you in advance. Best regards, Tim.

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It’s important to note that the correct term is ChatGPT instead of ChatGBT . I’ve noticed that even if I correct it for users once, they tend to make the same mistake again so I let them correct it.

I found the answer. The answer is an ChatGBT prompt: „convert in UNICODE“

Very helpful Eric… thanks

That works unlucky not everytime. The asterisks also are still there if I copy that text. Is there a Programm wich can convert me the asterisks text into Unicode bold?