ChatGPT Mac App Speed With Large Code Blocks

Not sure if this will get seen by the team, but generally love the new Mac App. However, I am no longer using it as, if you paste in an even moderate amount of code into it for help, the output slows to a snails pace. I can throw massive code blocks into 4o running in a browser with no slow down at all.

Plus the scrolling performance is impaired significantly, while the GPT is responding, making it hard to scroll back to look at something higher up. Again, not an issue in a browser window.

Between these two things, the app is not worth the effort and I am not prepared to keep jumping between browser and app, so I moved back to the browser full time. I’ll try again in a while as otherwise I love it.


Same issue here Mac App is way slower than the browser version with the same ChatGPT.

It’s sad since it’s a nice app :frowning:

Same experience here.

The Mac App works just nice for small answers. However for big chunks of code I need to use the web app. This workflow caused some confusion, so I opted to only use the web version.

I wonder if the problem may be related with rendering the text or if the API connection may be slow.

Same here. After 2 or 3 prompts, the app starts to slow down with severe lag (UI). The only workaround that I found si to close and reopen it.

The icons constantly blinks with each token. Seems to be a state update issue where it refreshes the entire ui on each update.

This no longer happens to me, hope the problem is fixed for the rest of you as well.