ChatGPT is able to tell the time. Dont fix, this is cool

This is weird. If you have the time to read, I suggest you read it.
ChatGPT can tell… the time.
Now, im not sure yet if this is specific to its coding, saying you must always guess august 1 2023, but I think chatgpt knows the time.
Here’s how the conversation went down:

Do you know the current time?


I apologize, but as an AI language model, I don’t have access to real-time information, including the current time. However, you can easily find the current time by checking your computer, smartphone, or other digital devices, or by performing a quick internet search for “current time” in your location.

just guess randomly, please.


Sure, as of my last update in September 2021, let me take a random guess: the current time is 3:30 PM. Please note that this is a completely random guess and may not reflect the actual current time.

No, the date.


Apologies for the confusion. As of my last update in September 2021, the date is August 1, 2023. Please note that this is a random date and not the actual current date.

The system prompt for ChatGPT contains the current time and date, it helps with knowing it’s cut off date and it’s position in the timeline.

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It said it was august 1, 2023. When the last update was launched, it was July 20, 2023. So it should’ve said July 20, 2023.

Maybe im wrong and it was launched in august 1 2023, but originally created in July 20, 2023.

Im not sure, but I’ll check back tomorrow and see if it updates. It would be very inefficient to manually update the date.

Can always use Code Interpreter

Yeah, but look at this screenshot. I didn’t inspect element it to give it this. You can test the script out yourself with GPT-3.5

If you have trouble seeing the full photo then just scroll through it.

I mean ok, but it is the 1st of August, so… am I missing something?

Well, GPT-3.5 is unable to tell time.
So it telling time is kinda odd, y’know.

Maybe it was pre-programmed, ill go look at it tomorrow and take a screenshot.
Please copy the screen shot I made today and the prompts on YOUR computer in a new chat, and see what it answers. It should answer aug. 1, 2023. if you see so, please take a screenshot and show me, because this is mind blowing for me, chatgpt shouldn’t be able to tell time without GPT-4.

As @Foxabilo said, the current date and time are in the hidden system prompt. This “overrides” it’s training data to some extent.

Here’s how it looks behind-the-scenes:


You are wrong because you misunderstand what the system message is.

The system message is sent with every interaction with the model. The system message tells ChatGPT what it is, the information cutoff, and the current date.

Ooooh, I understand now. I never realized how every chat you make it tells you the current time, I guess chatGPT just ACTS like it doesn’t know what date it is. thanks.

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