ChatGPT : GPT-4 with Dalle, Vision and Data Analysis Context Window Reduced

Dear OpenAI Support Team,

I am writing to seek clarification and support regarding a recent change I’ve observed in the context window size while using ChatGPT Plus, specifically with the GPT-4 model when both the DALL·E and vision features are enabled.

Historically, I experienced the flexibility of engaging with a context window size well beyond 4032 tokens, which was instrumental in conducting comprehensive and nuanced conversations, as well as in-depth analysis and creative explorations. This larger context window was a key feature that significantly enhanced my user experience and the quality of outcomes I could achieve with the platform.

However, in the past few weeks, I’ve noticed that the context window size appears to be capped at 4032 tokens, a reduction from the previous capacity, and this limitation seems to be specifically associated with sessions where both DALL·E and vision capabilities are active alongside the GPT-4 model. This change has noticeably impacted the scope of interactions and the depth of engagements possible within a single session.

I have attempted to find information or official announcements regarding this adjustment but have not been successful in understanding the reason behind this change. Therefore, I am reaching out directly to inquire about the following:

  1. Specific Change Confirmation: Has there been a recent change limiting the context window size to 4032 tokens when using the GPT-4 model with DALL·E and vision features enabled? If so, could you provide some insights into this decision?

  2. Rationale and Future Outlook: What are the reasons behind this specific limitation, and are there any plans to adjust the context window size for these use cases in the future?

  3. Optimization Strategies: In light of this change, could you recommend strategies or best practices for optimizing the use of ChatGPT Plus under the current context window constraints, especially when leveraging the unique capabilities of DALL·E and vision alongside GPT-4?

Understanding these aspects is crucial for me to adapt my use of ChatGPT Plus effectively and to continue leveraging its full potential in my projects and explorations.

I appreciate the innovative work OpenAI does and your commitment to supporting users like myself. Thank you for your attention to this matter, and I look forward to your response and any guidance you can provide.

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