ChatGPT + Google Search smart iOS Keyboard on App Store


I’ve built two iOS Keyboards:

  1. CoWrite allows you to open your openai account and chatgpt in your iOS Keyboard you can copy and paste between chatgpt result and your current app. You no longer need to switch between apps or app <> safari/chrome to access your chat history. Your computer chat history can still be accessed from phone or phone chatgpt history still be accessed from computer which is very nice. You can also use Alpha features from iOS keyboard or future Alpha features that are not currently in any API.

  1. Keymate uses GPT4 ChatGPT, Google, GPT3 and GPT3.5 to provide you a faster and seamless chatgpt experience on iOS keyboard. It has chat history + google search plugin + dozens of templates + default functioning + favouriting good prompts and an extra Google like search bar to navigate to any text operation. It will likely to have it’s on App Store where people build apps like

/search ( I built this by default)

/weather ( a good one )

/gif (not built yet)

/emoji (not built yet)

/image (not built yet)

I will open the keyboards API so people can build their own smart commands like we have in discord or slack and they can claim /command templates and make it easy for people to access information or do things better and quickly.

You can see how it works here: this version is still pending on the App Store but a previous version can be downloaded from App Store for free. you can search “Keymate AI” on App Store to download it.

I would love to get your feedbacks