CHATGPT Feature Requests - Add a shortcut to Temporary Chat

:mega: Feature Request: Introducing Temporary Chat Feature Shortcut

Hey there, ChatGPT community!

We’ve been brainstorming ways to enhance your experience on ChatGPT, and we think we’ve hit upon something exciting: a shortcut for a temporary chat feature.

Why Temporary Chat?

We understand that sometimes you just need a quick exchange without leaving a trace. Whether it’s for discussing sensitive information, fleeting conversations, or simply a desire for privacy, a temporary chat feature can be incredibly useful.

What We’re Proposing

We’re proposing the addition of a shortcut that quickly initiates a temporary chat session. This session would not retain any chat history once the conversation ends, ensuring your privacy and peace of mind.

How It Works

  1. Initiate Chat: Click on the shortcut button, and a temporary chat session opens instantly.
  2. Chat Securely: Engage in your conversation knowing that once the session ends, there will be no record of it.
  3. Closure: Once you’re done, simply close the chat window, and it’s like the conversation never happened.

Your Feedback Matters!

Before we proceed, we want to hear from you! Do you think this feature would enhance your ChatGPT experience? Are there any additional functionalities you’d like to see integrated into the temporary chat feature? Your input shapes the future of ChatGPT, so don’t hesitate to share your thoughts and suggestions.

Let’s make ChatGPT even better together!

Cheers, azeezabir28


I was just looking for a way of doing just this. I think it’s a necesaary option to have in airi shortcuts, as the option to deactivate history is not there any more.

Do you mean a keyboard shortcut to toggle temporary chat on/off? This would be incredible! Folks will love this, even if they don’t know it yet.

Also, it would be great if the shortcut had the option for temporary voice chat too.