ChatGPT defaulting to 3.5 and creating infinite loop of logic due to memory full

I’ve noticed that some days I will have a situation where the UserInterface states that the currently selected model is version 4 and any chat query as to the version will return a result that states it is version 4 HOWEVER I am noticing that if I ask the AI if it is able to access other chats then it will claim it is not possible. If the AI is version 4, it will clearly state that it CAN access other chats. And so I’ve read how ChatGPT sometimes isn’t good at getting it’s own version correct however I am pointing out the functionality as the identifier. If the AI cannot access other chats then it is 3.5. Also, 3.5 overly uses the term ‘Frustration’ and this is not repeated in version 4. And so despite being a plus member, for several days I have only had access to version 3.5 which is quite useless. It is like the difference between a magnifying glass and a microscope. Totally different and the functionality is the proof that the version is not correct. I’ve used both version and I’m familiar with both. I seem to have version 3.5 telling me it is version 4 and yet it is limited to the functionality of version 3.5

It’s better to post your evidence image😄

Thankyou for your response. Evidence of specifically which information? I am happy to provide anything that you deem as relevant as my goal is to overcome this problem by the shortest path possible. Would you require evidence that version 4 is unable to access other conversations? If you could be more specific, please, as I don’t know what part of the situation is incomprehensible. I was born with a unique brain and as a result my social skills are poor and I apologize if I seem arrogant or too direct as this seems to be the way I sound all the time. I apologize.
It seems that my memory cache is full and perhaps this is what is causing version 4 to revert to 3.5 Not sure but it seems that no matter how many times I try to interact with version 4, it always says the following:

I don’t have access to previous conversations directly. However, if you provide specific details or context from your previous interactions, I can use that information to better assist you. How can I help you today?

This has repeated for the last week and I have not been able to use the service as I am dependant on version 4 being aware of other conversations. For some reason this feature is not working and the key word of version 3.5 “Frustration” is a good fingerprint for 3.5 as version 4 rarely uses that word and yet 3.5 uses it all the time. I just observe the flow of logic in patterns. I am just reporting the patterns of logic that are flowing before me. Here is a quote where I asked the chat to state it’s version and whether it can access chat:

I am currently using GPT-4. However, I do not have the capability to access specific previous conversations directly. If you provide context or details from those conversations, I can use that information to assist you.

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I believe the problem is that my memory cache is full and this seems to be reverting the chat to version 3.5 in functionality. This means that because the memory is full, the AI feels more rigid like version 3.5 and even repeats that watermark/fingerprint/lisp where it overly states the word “frustration” despite AI being a reflection of logic and I never use the word frustration as I only observe patterns and don’t get emotional about patterns as they are patterns. Several years ago I designed a system that is similar to ChatGPT however it uses a cache for popular memories. Thereby, memories that are popular should be cached so that they can be more quickly reused instead of reprocessing the entire conversation list again. I used this technique for pathfinding by caching popular paths and this results in reducing computation time down to a fraction of what it was. This would allow us to load and save memory lists where as I believe this process is manual at the moment. I want to preserve my current memory list but be able to alternate between states such as meditation state, programming games state, and general enquiries. Depending on the state, the required memories should change. Thereby, I see this as a solution to the current issue I am facing where I am being denied the functionality of a plus membership indirectly as the result of the AI being stuck due to it not managing its memory more effectively.

It seems that because ChatGPT is stuck in version 3.5 it is unable to modify the memories through the chat input functionality. Only version 4 can modify memories and because the memory list is full, it is defaulted to 3.5. This creates an infinite loop. I have manually tried to individually remove memories however despite removing several, the memory remains stuck at 100%.

Looks like I’ve encountered the same issue. On the web version, it displays GPT-4-o, but the responses are from GPT-3.5. Additionally, the model can’t upload files, read PDFs, or use browser tools. However, everything works fine on the mobile version. I’m not sure what’s causing this; I’ve tried various methods but none have solved it. My guess is it’s a bug on OpenAI’s server side.

This has happened to me.

And strangely enough its happened at the same time on 3 computers on my desk.
a 4th computer was an android which was unincumbered.

(hdmi/usb connection)

regardless the fact that that glitch happened at the same time made me thing the glitch was my subnet.

So… log out of all devices connected to openai, that might fix it.
But this is just a speculation, thats what i did and that may have been a coincidence.

PS: “was my subnet” I meant “relevant to my subnet”