ChatGPT Clone - a Replica of ChatGPT with Bing & more

A near-exact Clone of ChatGPT, uses official model & Bing, reverse-engineered UI, with AI model switching, message search, and more features planned!

Check out ChatGPT Clone on github here

  • Response streaming identical to ChatGPT
  • UI from original ChatGPT, including Dark mode
  • AI model selection (official ChatGPT API, BingAI, Jailbroken Bing, and access to Browser Models)
  • Create and Save custom ChatGPTs (custom labels, prompt prefixes, soon more parameters like temp.)
  • Edit & Resubmit Messages, just like the official site (with message branching)
  • Search all messages/conversations
  • dockerized and completely open source. host for yourself anywhere, contributions welcome
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