ChatGPT - capcha after any prompt

I have captcha after any prompt, that’s really annoying. Any idea what’s happened?


I have exactly the same issue. It happens only when using GPT-4, it started sometimes on Friday.

Same here.
Please fix this or provide more details on how to fix it on my end. It’s not every single request, but happens multiple times a day and is very annoying.

I am getting a captcha prompt after every single reply, even though I pass each one.
some captcha IDs for verification were:

I am on a paid account using GPT-4 and it’s unusable. Support closed ticket by copy-pasting generic trouble shooting without looking into the issue.

Worked for some time then started to behave as before… usually when I try to use it for some math… I will probably cancel my subscription and try using Claude or Bard

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started getting this today aswell, Basically have to do the capture after inputting any prompt.

your captcha are in Russian too?

May i see the English screenshot

Please, fix that. It is very annoying. We are paying users. It is frustrating

Do you know if they have any plans to solve this issue, or if they see it as an issue at all?

I have to solve a captcha on every message. If I solve one 5-step captcha, and it states I am verified to be human I have to do another 5-step captcha again after every message. This is not acceptable!

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It just started happening to me. Why am I paying for this? Feels abusive.

20 question captcha after each prompt, the GPT4 is no longer a viable product, I can’t use it anymore. What do i do? Why is this happening?