ChatGPT cannot see difference between images

I asked ChatGPT to compare these two images with the prompt “I have attached two images what is difference between the two?”

ChatGPT said “The two images are identical. There is no difference between them in terms of content, layout, or any other aspect. They both display the same diagram, equations, and solutions for the given mechanics problem.”

I prompted it to re- evaluate but it could not see the difference then I had to write “You do not notice that first image has a drawing on the right side which second image does not have.” On which ChatGPT said “You are correct, and I apologize for the previous errors in identifying the differences. The main difference between the two images is that the first image includes an additional drawing on the right side, which shows a free-body diagram and the resolution of the 600 N force into its components. The second image does not include this drawing on the right side.”

This is just one example and I had similar experience when I tried ChatGPT to evaluate similar images. I am wondering if this is a limitation which will be overcome with time, or my expectations from the technology are not correct or is it that I am not prompting in a correct manner to get desirable results.

It transfers the images into text, and then analyzes the text to look for differences. This is why it is not working.

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