ChatGPT as a Second Brain

I am a ChatGPT Plus user pretty much from the day it was accessible. My left pane has hundreds of Chats and I add about half a dozen chats on any given day. To that end, over the past year or so, ChatGPT has become my “Second Brain” and in a way, replaces the role that Notion had - Notion was the place where I organized, research, reads, ideas and opinions. Now, it turns out that much of that is already available on my ChatGPT left pane, except that wealth of information is diffused across multiple chats which are hard to “search” and “organize”. I find myself spending a lot of time manually weeding through chat history to find the context/thread I need to pick off from. There are several features that would make anymore a lot more productive:

  1. Semantic Search across all chat content
  2. Auto-tagging/Auto Organization of chats. Ability to add your own tags to your searches.
  3. Ability to “structure” my chats in a hierarchy/tree, much like I can with Notion

ChatGPT Plus is incredible for personal productivity, and with these features, it would take that to another level.