ChatGPT app / Voice function on Apple Watch (Ultra)

I recently came across an article about using the iPhone 15’s Action key to start a ChatGPT Voice conversation and immediately tried this also with my Watch Ultra 2’s Action key, but apparently the iOS app seems to lack a Watch part.

It’d be insanely great if I could talk to ChatGPT or trigger via the Watch (and listen on whatever output is active)!

Especially in winter the Ultra’s physical Action button would come in very handy to trigger a conversation with gloves on.

There is a Watch app Petey, but it seems to use the API and that gets costly soon.
(And you don’t need an iPhone 15’s Action button to trigger a Voice conversation, but in winter the physical button comes in handier for sure). :wink:

Many thanks in advance


I am also wondering if an Apple Watch app is on the roadmap. Specifically because of the voice feature. This would be another great perk to incentivize paid users.


I’d love to see an Apple Watch app from OpenAI.

It would be so much more convenient to be able to interact with ChatGPT on the watch without using 3rd party apps and not having your search history missing from the official app.