ChatGPT api - chat history issues

I can’t find how to remind the api again the history of a conversation I started with the api. I tried variables such as state, chat-id but none of them worked. If we start a conversation with the api, I need to retransmit all the past conversations with the api, but this time I’m stuck on the token limit. What is the variable item to remind chat history in 3.5 turbo mode?


I think ChatGPT is stateless - no way to remember the past conversations. The old way to keep memory is, as you said, retransmit past conversations.

In my experience, I have to keep the context short - like keeping only the past 10 messages. If I really need to keep the context longer - had to use text-embedding but during chat conversation it’s mostly not that useful.


Yes, what @mechiland said. Another thing you can do is to “summarize” early chat messages to compress, but you lose context along the way… it’s a tradeoff currently with the context window sizes. They’re getting bigger, though!