ChatGPT-4-Vision - Analyzing StockImages

Hi there,

we’re planning to use ChatGPT-4-Vision via API to analyze StockImages for alt-tags; image-descriptions; keywords and so on. (eg. AdobeStock; Getty etc.)

First, is it legal? Are there any legal concerns? Do I need to consider something?



You should check with the stock photo providers. I am pretty sure they won’t be too fond of this, unless they hire you.

Otherwise you need to make sure not to send images that will trigger the moderation.
For example images of people, children in particular, violence, drugs etc… may all cause refusals. You should take such warnings serious and reassess the situation when they appear.
If you just analyze some harmless images you should be fine.

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thanks for the feedback. Would it be possible to have some tests with the moderation-endpoints to check if the content complies with the openAI usage-policies, right?

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Unfortunately, that is not going to work. The moderation endpoint is text only.
You have to know in advance that your images are “ok”.

While this may sound counterintuitive at first the vision model is interpreting the image. A vision moderation model would do the exact same thing. Unlike chat completions where the input is first interpreted and then processed.

Here is another thread where a similar issue is being discussed:

Edit: you won’t get your account banned for testing a little but you need to be aware and prepared to deal with rejections.

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