Chat Thread Functionality

Functionality Improvement.

I believe it would be beneficial to make at least an optional model change that allows for collapsable threads within a chat session. Perhaps there could be a way to tag a response after creating an ‘outline’ when beginning discussion on a broad topic. This would also be beneficial when working on programming related functionality that involves a series of classes as well. Perhaps it could function as a button to directly ‘Reply To’ a specific response, that would initiate a sub-conversation with an indented style that places a toggle in the original message that was replied to. The toggle would expand and collapse all subsequent messages within the thread, allowing for easy organization and a more cohesive nature for topic jumping, while still enabling retention of conversation held within the chat. Also, it would be so nice to remove messages from a chat thread. At the moment if there is an undesired prompt response, the only option is to regenerate it. It would be nice to instead be able to rephrase the prompt without cluttering the chat thread.

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I feel your pain and know where you are headed with this.

Here is one of many useful hints created for other programmers on a different Discourse forum. (post)

Note: The post is currently a hodgepodge of prompts that I am reorganizing.

You don’t have to think sequence, you can think outline instead.

Since ChatGPT is for chatting and chatting is just a series of post (conversation in ChatGPT lingo) that is how the ChatGPT web page is setup up to work. You create a post (prompt) and then ChatGPT creates a response (completion).

When when working on a project, an outline may be the better way to think. So instead of keeping everything in one long chat conversation, break up the task like in an outline and start a new chat conversations for a subtask. You may have to supply needed information in the first post (think code or facts generated in another conversation that will be needed) as ChatGPT does not carry over information from one conversation to the next.

You can rename the title of a chat conversation

New chats are created in the left margin and start with the default name of New chat. After you enter a prompt the name will change. If you don’t like the name you can click the name to show the action icons


and change the name.

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That is going to be quite the hefty read but I can say I am intrigued.
Thank you for the contribution!

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