CHAT GPT 4 Painfully slow

Hi guys i have two account for chatgpt. both are chat gpt plus accounts. one runs super smooth the other always times out and is super slow. is there a reason for this


mine has been painfully slow also, and then often many responses cut out with “Error in body stream”


is there any fix to this issue i am experiencing. is there anyone i can contact?


I have the same issue. Since the crash last week, my GPT4 is EXTREMELY slow and often I’m unable to load history. I have already emailed them, but I’ve got no answer


And now on paid account PLUS I got message: we processing to many requests
Many queries finished with “Network error” and requires few regenerations to get answer

I’m wondering if I will pay for next month getting this level of service


Same here. For the last 2 days, I cannot get it to successfully respond with a complete script. Even non-script responses but those that involve thorough analysis and need detailed response also fail to complete. Very frustrating. And then after several times of failing, you end up getting a message that I exceeded the cap, while more than 70% of responses did not even complete, which is useless.


Same here. Got gpt plus and today it did not even respond at all to simple messages. I waited for about one minute and nothing happened. The days before it was unusable slow. Sorry, but letting people pay and obviously using the capacity somewhere else is not pretty nice. I will cancel my subscription since I pay for something (quite a lot) I cannot even use.


Damn near unusable. Slow and gets halfway through a response and stops.


Same ussue. I have GPT +. After the crash gpt 4 is relly slow


Yeah I can confirm the pain. I can’t use Gpt4 since almost a week, it simply doesn’t work.


the same here , not usable slow
Chat GPT4


Same here. ChatGPT Plus user. It’s painfully slow still and often hangs mid-answer. Not what I was expected when I decided to give my hard-earned money to support the developers. If Plus doesn’t get more support and speed, I will stop my subscription.


GPT-4 is terrible… Too slow, “Error in body stream,” “Network error,” and incomplete responses.
While GPT-4 can write better and explain things more clearly. But…
If I had to choose between paying $20 for GPT-3.5 or GPT-4, I would choose GPT-3.5.

same here, paid for ChatGPT Plus but GPT-4 is unusable


Hi there,

i also experience constantly interruptions and half finished responses in gpt4.
Common message:

The server experienced an error while processing your request. Sorry about that! You can retry your request, or contact us through our help center at if the error persists.

I’m as well a Plus subscriber.
It would be great if you could get the situation under control, otherwise we should receive a discount for next invoice at least…


same issue here, can we have some updates guys ?

i also experience constant interruptions and half-finished responses for GPT-4 Model. any updates on this issue?

I also have the same Issue here, it’s very slowww and most of the responses are not completed even if it’s something like 5 to 10 lines.

Same Issue. Why is no one even answering customer requests here? They are making big buck, maybe time to invest more into services? I also have plus, but ChatGPT 4 is unusable. We should get our money back for the period of this non-functioning.

GPT-4 Super slow for me too, unusable and very unstable. Sometimes waiting up to 10 minutes for content, and it stops generating after a few paragraphs. I know there’s a function to continue but then your waiting another 5 - 10 minutes for another paragraph which is annoying and very frustrating