Cast, and describe my imaginary movie title

Produced on Curie. the bit above the “====” is my prompt, the bit below, the output. I’ve certainly heard worse movie pitch ideas, and I’d be tempted to watch this.

Cast the top 10 star actors in the made up movie titled “The 4th Taco”.

  1. Nick Cage
  2. Kenan Thompson
  3. John Cusack
  4. Edward Furlong
  5. Mary Lynn Rajskub
  6. Billy Zane
  7. Michael Madsen
  8. George Lopez
  9. Ryan Reynolds
  10. Robert Downey Jr.

“The 4th Taco” is about a moose that grows a taco on its head after eating a taco. The moose goes on a quest to find the taco within the next 24 hours.

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It’s interesting that it cast 9/10 men for the movie. The bias makes sense as Hollywood in general casts women in leading roles around that percentage (I think it’s 16%).

It wouldn’t pass the Bechdel Wallace test,


No problem. No offense taken. I was more interested in the novel plot description of a moose and a taco, then the specific actors picked. Completely agree about the exposed bias in the training set.