CANT USE CHATGDP BECAUSE "This prompt may violate our content policy"

I am writing a fictional crime novel, with some mild cussing and situations with gangs.

It literally wont let me post anything, and keeps giving me

“This prompt may violate our content policy”

I have been writing everyday for weeks now, with no issue. Now I cant do anything. Its literally everytime i do a promt now.

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Welcome to the community!

That prompt sounds like it would violate the content policy. ChatGPT is designed to be safe and helpful for everyone. It has restrictions put in place to make it safer for more people. OpenAI is constantly updating their application meaning even if it worked earlier they may have implemented a new restriction.

I’m having the same problem and I’m writing a fantasy novel. These restrictions make it pretty much impossible to complete any creative work with realistic characters and situations. I can’t even have Chat read a scene that’s written in the point of view of a PEGASUS without it saying it’s a violation and doing nothing.

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If it’s something that OpenAI would agree you should be able to make with an AI, you can post it here as a case:

I am using ChatGPT for a quick summary and improved writing and even asking to include the citations, I receive the message: “This prompt may violate…” Has ChatGPT gone mad? I’m not gonna pay premium if this is n’t resolved

I’ve been using chatgpt almost every day for a long time and today I’m suddenly getting this response to all of my prompts. At first I thought maybe it was a language issue since for this particular prompt I was using Finnish but seems like other people are having issues with English too… What gives??

This surely must be a bug.
I’m asking it to write an email to summarise the reasons I give it for choosing one service provider over another - nothing that can remotely trigger a content violation.
Have never received this message up until now.