Can't have a long conversation with the new ChatGPT 4 Turbo

I’ve been using the new GPT Turbo, which is a combination of Bing Search, Dall E 3, and data analysis, as well as the base GPT 4 model. However, when I tried to have a conversation that was longer than four or five prompts, equaling about 2000 characters, including both my prompts and GPT’s responses, I got the “The conversation is too long; please start a new one.” error.

I understood that the token limit had been increased to 128k tokens rather than decreased. But it’s not even managing to make the previous 8K it was capable of. Meaning that I have to continuously restart conversations, interrupting my work flow.


Same here. The token limit in the desktop version of ChatGPT is too low and unusable for my tasks. Hopefully it will be increased soon. A lot of people thought it would increase to 128K but it has decreased… very disappointing after the 128K hype.

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Yeah, it’s made my work flow a lot harder as I continue to have to start new conversations and give more context.

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