Cant Control New Generated Text with Prompts

I am using a text generation bot working with gpt 3.5 turbo api.

I am using this promt : Could you identify the main target and focus of the article based on ($(TITLE))? Then, please regenerate another title that is SEO-friendly, easy to rank in search results, and easy to understand with a maximum of 70 characters. Only provide the title. Do not include any introductory phrases such as “Sure, here is your title”, “Title:”, “Main Target:”, “New Title:”, “Main Title:”, “SEO Title:”, or any other additional words. Only answer with the title itself.

But the result always ( %80 ) coming with “Title:”, “Main Target:”, “New Title:”, “Main Title:”, “SEO Title:” in the results.
I dont want GPT to renerate texts witht hese words.

How can l get my goals? How can l always get results without introductory phrases ???

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Sample Results:
title 1 New Title: title 2
title 1 Seo Title: title 2
title 1 New Generated Title: title 2
title 1 Title: title 2

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As you’re working with 3.5, I would recommend a one-shot example if you can. Not too many more tokens, and gives it something to use to replicate exactly…

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Simply provide 5 worked examples in your prompt.

You can trick it by asking to separate reasoning and new_title.

Here is how you can do it: