Cannot send question to chatgpt on web

I can send question to GPT via ChatGPT app, but I cannot send it via web browser.
When I write prompt and click on send button, the button is disabled and starts rolling process bar but nothing happened. In chrome console I see a new log
“Uncaught (in promise) l {revert: undefined, silent: true}”


Yes I know…
I also encountered this situation…
However, you can try another browser and it should work fine.

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Have you solved the problem? I also can’t send any questions,like follows:


same here - I also can’t send any questions

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I must remove storages and re-login to solve this problem. But it can only work once. I need to repeat these actions.

Same problem here. I’ve logged in again, cleared cookies and cache, but it doesn’t work. I can use it on the Android application.

Same problem here, already cleared cookies and cache, but it doesn’t work.

The Bug is related Alpha locale response. Please see

Works for me!


Go to settings in the web version.
Change the Language (Alpha) setting
This will solve the problem!


Thank you so much, It works in my situation. :grinning:


As a Google Chrome user, I encountered a problem where ChatGPT was not responding or functioning correctly. I discovered a temporary workaround by utilizing the “Cookie Remover” extension from the Google Chrome Web Store.

This solution may be particularly effective if the issue you’re experiencing is related to browser cookies or cache problems.

To install the Cookie Remover extension:

Visit the Chrome Web Store.
Search for “Cookie Remover.”
Click the “Add to Chrome” button next to the extension.
Confirm by clicking on the “Add extension” button.
Using Cookie Remover with ChatGPT:

Navigate to the ChatGPT webpage.
Click on the Cookie Remover icon, which is located in the top right corner of your browser window.
Select “Remove All Cookies” from the options.
Then, refresh the ChatGPT page to see if the issue has been resolved.
I hope this helps anyone who might be experiencing similar issues.