Can you stream when using new Threads beta?

Not clear to me from the documentation how threads, runs, chat completion, and streaming interact with each other.

For your run-of-the-mill chat app that streams responses, can we use the new threads beta? Or is there no streaming functionality?


Trying to figure this out too. It says in the “limitations” section of Assistant docs that there’s currently no streaming so you have to poll the run steps, but in the dev day Wanderlust app demo the assistant looked like it was streaming messages at least.

Yeah. Same here. From watching his demo closely, it seems he’s doing the following:

  1. retrieves all messages for a thread
  2. creates a new message for the same thread
  3. runs the thread as a stream :man_shrugging:t2:


During this beta, there are several known limitations we are looking to address in the coming weeks and months. We will publish a changelog on this page when we add support for additional functionality.

  • Support for streaming output (including Messages and Run Steps).
  • Support for notifications to share object status updates without the need for polling.
  • Support for DALL·E as a tool.
  • Support for user message creation with images.

What the hell is happening here with OpenAI? It’s been over 3 months and they still have not launched something as basic as streaming (which, of course, they’ve gloriously implemented into their own B2C offerings).

While I might be mistaken, it seems to me that OpenAI is ignoring developer needs. Streaming is core to our offering.

I’m VERY disappointed in OpenAI and will soon start to look elsewhere.