Can we use custom functions as actions without function calling?

I have a couple functions that format things like urls before I send it to get information from a page. My question is do I have to use through API and set up my own endpoint or can I create a function in an action with python? I feel like I am missing something.

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Are you asking to run python code directly in an Action that a custom GPT calls?

If that’s the case, then no. You would need to set up your own endpoint.

The only thing that can go inside a GPT Action is a format JSON OpenAPI schema for your custom API calls. Nothing else.

Instead of thinking of an “Action” like it’s genuinely doing a thing (as tempting as its name implies), it’s better to think of actions like yelling at someone else to do something for it. So, Actions are basically GPT saying “Hey, computer that hosts this API, do the thing this says for me please! I’ll spit out whatever you give back to me to the user.”

I know this because I discovered that I myself am having to build my own cloud architecture to construct my own custom API to run a pretty basic & simple task.

Welcome to innovating on a new tool. Thankfully AWS is cheap, I guess?

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Thank you now i have to go through the teadius process of setting up a flask endpoint which i have yet to be successful at


You’re not alone. Another user is also having issues with their flask with GPT.

As an alternative, you can also use a node.js backend to handle the requests if need be.

Maybe one of the reasons I am struggling with: