Can we connect a specific API key to an Assistant?


We created a finetuned assistant and now we want to connect it to a specific API key, but we cannot figure out how?

Is this possible? If so, how?



Maybe this will be helpful for you Named API keys and new API key limit! - #4 by marketing5

Although there are basic permissions now on the APIs, it’s not yet possible to do exactly what you want.

It only allows to limit the access to the Assistants API, not to a specific assistant. Still, if you use files, you’ll need to five it access to the files endpoint also without being able to segregate documents per assistants.

The best path atm if you’re building for a client for example is to use their OpenAI Account, or even create one for them. Alternatively, build your own permission based access to layer on top of the assistants you create.

Best of luck!