Can one assistant run with multiple threads simultaneously?

Suppose I have created one assistant GPT, multiple threads, should I create new assistant(based on the same config) for each thread to achieve parallelism, or is assistant GPT designed to support multi-threading?

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You would need to create one thread per user, unless you wish to handle the thread locking imposed by currently running threads, yourself. So to your exact question, no, they are not multi-threaded in the sense of using the same ThreadID for many users.

Thx! I get the one thread per user part, but do I need one assistant_id per thread_id for parallelism?

I have not tried loading a single thread_id from many assistants… :thinking:

100% worth a try, see what happens.

How about running multiple thread_ids with single assistant_id simultaneously?

Gonna try all of it myself :smiley_cat:


please let us know! I don’t have the time but I’m curious.

Did you end up figuring this out? Also curious.

You can run many threads for the same Assistant at the same time. The only limit is your RPM account limits. (And possibly your backend).

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