Can I replace these ChatGPT Plus features if I use only the APIs?

Can I replace this ChatGPT Plus features if I use only the APIs?


I don’t use ChatGPT so often, so I’m evaluating to cancel the subscription and go with the APIs (read: pay as you go).

I have found many little Apps that can replace some features with the APIs, but I really need this ones:

  • GPT4, the latter model the better because I need context for my research and longform articles

  • Generating images (Dall-E?)

Optional but I’d like to:

  • text to speech

  • analyzing images, such as screenshots of tables and statistics. No need of PDFs because I’ve found a replacement for this

So…can I keep these features if I cancel my ChatGPT Plus subscription?

I checked the documentation, but wasn’t able to find a straight answer, so I’m confused about it.

Hope it makes sense.

Hi! Welcome to the forum!

Yeah, you can do all of these things - if you’re comfortable with touching code.

There are probably some UIs out there that cover most or all of these features, but you’ll always run the risk of exposing your API key.

That said, you may realize that you won’t save much money using the API, especially if you frequently analyze long documents - it really depends on your use-case.

Hope this helps!

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I’ve found the API to be much more expensive if I’m troubleshooting code in the lazy way I like to (pasting the entire thing in). Same thing when I’m trying to have it read documents or summarize things.

One thing I’ll add is that coding all these tools in wouldn’t be simple, especially without the help of ChatGPT :laughing: