Can i Launch an app for blog content creation?


I want to create an app to help me and my teammates produce blog content, but I don’t see any case in the user guideline for this type of app. Is this a case of prohibition?

The ultimate function of the app is to help a company team with text production. No sale to users other than the team.

Can anyone tell me the answer?


You are not allowed to generate the entire blog post but you can generate ideas around your content and refine it according to your needs


You can find our use-case guidelines here, which has mentions of blog content guidelines.

Here’s part of the overview:

Maximum rate limits for an end-user: 9 generations/minute, 135 generations/hour, 3 generations/action initiated (For example, if you return 3 generations per end-user action, they must be limited to 3 actions/minute)

Please make sure that your tools cannot be repurposed as a general generation tool (as described in the high-level guidelines above).

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Is something like this. So i can’t make something for complete the content, but i can make something to give me ideas for what to write. In this way, can i genarate the idea and rewrite the result as my content?

If positive, what is the sense of this?

think GPT3 as helper only hope this ans you qus