Can I get speaker diarization using openai api on node.js?

I want to get speaker diarizatino of my call recording audio file on node.js project.
But I cannot find an API to get speaker diarizations. I already used transcribe API to get transcription so I just want to keep my eyes on oepnai to get speaker diarization.
Could you help me?
Let me share my code which getting transcription on my node.js project.

const transcription = await{
      model: "whisper-1",
      file: fs.createReadStream(fullFilePath),

This is not a feature of the current Whisper 2 API, it may be included with Whisper 3 (soon to be launched, no dates yet) but that is unknown.

There are several solutions available already. You can look in the Whisper Github repo or look for separate repos like this one.

Thanks. But as I said, I want to get that info on my node.js project.
So I think there should be an API or SDK to get speaker diarization.
Am I right?

Then, how can I get speaker diarization info on my node.js platform?
Please let me know.