Can I do image input with GPT4 via API?

Is it yet possible to include images in the input when playing around with the API? I know it’s possible with the public facing chatGPT.

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At present, the GPT-4 Vision (GPT4V) API has not been made available to the public, meaning that you cannot use GPT-4 for image input-related tasks. However, there is a possibility that the GPT-4 Vision API will be launched for public use during OpenAI Dev Day. You can wait for it or you can build with other API’s like Bing and Google.


Thanks I though that would be the case. Will watch out for Dev Day :slight_smile:

That’s great :+1: in the meantime you can use open-source models such as LLaVA, which is also effective.

How to make an application with LLaVA? Is there an API?

You can use Llamaindex they just release multi-modal , they are currently using replicate to access LLaVA.

Thank you for the explanation!
I will have a look.