Can I disable slow response streaming while using GPT Plus?

Responses at are streamed through network word by word. It’s obvious that response is already complete somewhere on the server side. Slow printing of response is just so time consuming.

Is there a way how to switch to normal “chatting” mode with instant messages?

I guess it will bring some better performance as well.

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My understanding is that the response is not already complete on the server side, but that the nature of the algorithm is such that it’s generating those response tokens in real time.

See this Stack Exchange question for more: conversational interface - Are there any UX reasons for ChatGPT staggering replies word by word? - User Experience Stack Exchange

TL;DR: It is very likely already complete, can’t turn off streaming.


  • Maybe it would makes sense if response will be some story or something that can be interatively extent but sentences at least must be evaluated in one piece. It cannot just generate words appending to existing text and the whole response is so smart.

  • I often ask for code examples and snippets have to be as one meaningfull program from top to bottom. It cannot be generated by words but it is still streamed as typing.

  • I looked at the source of page to figure out how does it work and found a steam of messages that differ only in last appended word. Each time a whole new response text is received, just appending a single word to the previous one, page reformat message using markdown syntax. The result is that content slightly jumping around due to unexpedted or incomplete formats.


I appeaciate the animation, I like it, it brings realistic, futuristic feeling (real human chatting is instant anyway). Also rich responses are so long and informative even for simple question.

The complain is during long discussion. I usually enter message and leave desk waiting for response. It cannot be disabled, it is not local mechanism, I cannot override behavior, it is streamed from server.

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how it works is generate word by word so it’s not just for show

when you get response from API, the entire long response comes after 3~4 seconds only. I think chatgpt does not let us turn off this ‘typing animation’ to slow down us.

I doubt you’ll see this since you were last here in April, but you can do so yourself with a little userscript and tampermonkey,

// ==UserScript==
// @name         Toggle Response Streaming
// @version      0.1
// @author       Jake Elmstedt
// @description
// @match        *://*
// @grant        GM_addStyle
// @run-at       document-end
// ==/UserScript==

(function() {
    'use strict';
    const hide = `.result-streaming {display: none !important;}`;
    const show = `.result-streaming {display: block !important;}`;
    const streamStyle = GM_addStyle(hide);
    function toggle_stream() {
        if (document.querySelector('#stream').checked) {
            streamStyle.textContent = show;
        } else {
            streamStyle.textContent = hide;
    function addCheckBox() {
        if (!document.querySelector('#stream')) {
            const spanElements = Array.from(document.getElementsByTagName('span'));
            const targetSpan = spanElements.find(span => span.querySelector('a')?.innerHTML.includes("ChatGPT"));
            const streamCheckboxSpan = document.createElement('span');
   = '10px'; // Add 10 pixels of left padding
            streamCheckboxSpan.innerHTML = '<input type="checkbox" id="stream" name="stream" value="stream"><label for="stream">Stream responses</label>';
            targetSpan.parentNode.insertBefore(streamCheckboxSpan, targetSpan.nextSibling);
            document.querySelector('#stream').addEventListener('change', toggle_stream);
    const observer = new MutationObserver(addCheckBox);
    window.onload = function() {
        setTimeout(() => {
            observer.observe(document, { childList: true, subtree: true });
        }, 250);