Can gpt 3.5 turbo provide citations in RAG

I have a list of documents in my RAG pipeline.
In the response, I also need to provide citations like [1] [2] in between content. sample given below !

This will help reduce hallucinations and avoid out of context, since each line or para or code or table response crafted has a proper citation.

I need help with prompt to achieve this.
The citation should be provided in the response and its actual document name in end, as given in image

Using classic RAG

  1. With File extracts relevant to the question

  2. With File extracts not relevant to the question

  3. No File extracts


@supershaneski , Thanks for your reply.
I’m working on text data in my documents.
So, if user ask: How to create a google account
The response should contain verified citations for each step from documents.

else should reply- i dont know.
I tried to fine-tune prompt to include citations:

OpenAI src: Prompt engineering - OpenAI API

But OpenAI prompt gives me a list of citations in the end of response. While
I need them verified sentence by sentence.


Are you looking for something like this?: Wikipedia RAG example (source code - baml, ts)

If you want it to give you them sentence-by-sentence, then you need to instruct it to give them to you like that, e.g. answer in (sentence, citation) pairs.

Thanks @sam-boundary ,
it is exactly what I’m looking for

Does it work for Code blocs, table , steps based questions ?

Yep - BAML allows you to define arbitrary input and output types, so it’s really just a matter of whatever you can think of! You can take a look at the getting started guide here