Can EXPIRED Step objects in a RUN be edit? #Assistant

Is it possible for Assistant to edit expired Step objects in a Run so that execution can continue from the position of failure in the last Run.

For example, when a Run calls a customized function, but the Run’s state is already expired due to the function’s long execution time, it will fail when submitting the final result of the function ( by client.beta.threads.runs.submit_tool_outputs).
In this example, it would not work to run the Thread again, because the language model likely changed the way the function was called (e.g., the parameters changed), resulting in the need to re-execute the custom function.

This problem is especially noticeable when multiple Assistants are talking to each other, which is done through my custom SendMessage function. The SendMessage function is called recursively in the message chain, which can easily lead to a Run timeout.

If it’s possible to have failed Steps resume, then it’s possible to ensure that multiple Assitant’s message links are correct.

Okay, I think it can’t in the current version.

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