Can devs build products using Dalle?

It says that Dalle-2 isn’t open for commercial use, I’m assuming that also means we can’t build products with it. With gpt-3, devs could use the API to build products, but that’s not the case with Dalle? Is Open AI working on building their own products that they will license out for commercial use. For example, an integration tool with a designing platform like figma could be a cool use-case.

I’m also interested in a more meta sense about the topic of ownership and creativity. If Open AI ever does open it for commercial use, how would copy right be involved? How simillar are these images to others on the internet in terms of style - can they really be called fully unique?

Such a cool product, would love to discuss!

You can use openAI to make your own service be it assisting in generating images or anything else. You have to apply here to get it approved though. Good luck with your AI product!


I don’t think this is correct. There’s currently no API for DALL-E 2, nor any mention in the application approval process/documentation referencing it — only GPT-3, Codex, and the content filter APIs are covered.