Can context be added outside the prompt?

Hey guys!

I’m looking forward to add a context to GPT-3 (more specifically a huge narrative background). I was looking for a parameter like context or background, but there’s none for that. The background is so big that couldn’t fit in a normal prompt. Is this something I can achieve via embeddings?

If that’s the case, is there any clear example on how to do that?



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Yes. It’s possible to add context with embeddings. I’m outlining how it should look like:

  1. Obtain embeddings for the context
  2. Run a semantic search on the embedding with the query.
  3. Use the top n results along with prompt to generate.
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The prompt is the context. But what are you trying to do? Ask questions based on the narrative? generate content?

Hey @nunodonato, thanks for the comment.

I know the prompt is the context, but since the context is so big, wanted to ask for alternatives.
I would like to train my GPT-3 instance to generate content and act as different characters. Image GPT-3 is trained on Middle-Eart stories, I want GPT-3 to act as Gimli, Legolas, Celebrimbor, etc and give proper answers and content based on that.This wouldn’t be feasible with just a short context inside the prompt.

Depends. If GPT-3 already has that info as part of the training, you could probably get away with a good prompt to instruct it to act as such.
But if you provide new details, it will be hard to do it this way. You could attempt fine-tuning (gets expensive as hell).

Another alternative would be to switch prompts based on the character and or question (analyzed via embeddings). This is something similar to what I am doing now when fetching associated facts from a memory storage. The relevant facts are inserted as part of the prompt.