Can ChatGPT become TaskGPT?

I came across this platform

it mindblowing, i wish chatGPT upgrades itself to a TaskGPT
when you make ChatGPT work for you.

convert this website {url} to this design layout {url} from wordpress to django

boom, it works and gives output in github

Make money:
sell some amazon products and make some money.
it should find most searched keywords, find products in amazon
create ads in facebook, twitter, etc
spend $1000 and make $10000

wish google gemini, facebook etc enables realtime audio translations for LIVE streams.

Hire an Agent:
I want to hire an AI agent, which will tutor my child for 10years teaching stuff
asking questions and improving my child’s answers, giving tests, evaluating the answers, conversing in multiple languages via AI headset, goggles, TV, Alexa etc

this is how the future should be .