Can able to send empty message to chat gpt

Subject: Bug Report - Ability to Send Empty Messages


I’ve observed that the system allows users to send empty messages to ChatGPT. In typical user interfaces, sending an empty message might be considered unintended behavior. Here are the details of the issue:

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Open the ChatGPT interface.
  2. Send an empty message.

Expected Behavior: The system should prevent sending empty messages, providing feedback or a prompt for the user to enter valid input.

Actual Behavior: The system accepts and processes empty messages without providing any feedback.

Impact: While this may not be a critical issue, it could lead to confusion or unintentional interactions. Implementing a prevention mechanism for empty messages would enhance the user experience.

Environment: Specify the platform or application you’re using to interact with ChatGPT (e.g., OpenAI API, specific website, app).

Additional Information: Include any additional details or context that may help in understanding and addressing the issue.

Feel free to use this template or adapt it based on the bug reporting system of the platform you’re using. Reporting such issues is valuable for continuous improvement.

The big question is: how do you send the empty message? As a matter of fact the send button will be greyed out until a keystroke has been recorded.

If you type two empty lines, you can send the empty message. ChatGPT will then reply to the empty message saying something similar to “It seems like your message got cut off” or “It seems like there might have been an issue with your message”.