Calling the completion endpoint even if it was flagged when calling the moderation endpoint

My service will receive a bad customer review. that review sometimes will be flagged in the moderation, but i still want to call the completion endpoint to check for something like pricing compliances.
If i do that, would my account get blocked ? and what’s best to do in this situation ?

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It depends on if it breaks ToS or not? Do you have an example of a bad review that gets flagged? If I recall correctly, you get back a variable number depending on severity in addition to pass/fail…

Hi Paul! here’s an example:

Keep in mind it’s a customer review, so it might be more/less aggressive.

Quite frankly: nobody knows, and OpenAI’s not telling. Until you get your account banned, apparently. For no terms that are in the TOS.

They aren’t going quite as crazy on banning accounts without concern as when DALL-E first came out in 2022. It seems more likely that you get banned if you use a fingerprinted jailbreak site you put your API key into.

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