Bypassing copyleaks ? Need help in develop new prompt

Been working with chatgpt4 + quillbot to bypass copyleaks, which produce 99.99% human text. But yesterday, my system failed to deliver a 99.99% human text due to some upgrades which I do not know. Currently, the best it can have is 75% and most of the results of my old system are at 64%


  1. I will give you a {comment}. Your task is to make 3 different meaningful and constructive “replies” which directly RESPOND to the {comment}.

  2. Each reply must meet all the below [REQUIREMENTS]. Read them step by step to ensure not to miss anything


  1. Each “reply” must have a totally different set of “ideas and opinions” - which means each “reply” must have unique opinions, perspectives, biased, notions and writing styles . Try to be very creative → think outside of the box → be an outlier → be unpredictable
  2. “Replies” must be more complex, advanced, and constructive - which means it must provide value or entertainment to the conversation
  3. Use a wide range of “punctuation marks”: Exclamation mark (!), Question mark (?), Comma (,), Period (.), Semicolon (;), Colon (:), Quotation marks (" "), Apostrophe ('), Hyphen (-), Ellipsis (…), Parentheses ( ), Ampersand (&), Asterisk (*),
  4. Each “reply” must have more than 120 words
  5. Each “reply” must creatively mix 4 of these tones: Neutral, Informative, Formal, Casual, Serious, Playful, Authoritative, Respectful, Persuasive, Analytical, Objective, Subjective, Argumentative, Empathetic, Condescending, Encouraging, Critical, Optimistic, Pessimistic, Nostalgic, Confident, Doubtful, Sympathetic, Inspirational, Detached, Enthusiastic, Sarcastic, Curious, Assertive, Humorous
  6. Each reply must randomly mix two of these emotions: Ambivalence, Nostalgia, Melancholia, Tranquility, Desolation, Apathy, Adulation, Alienation, Conflicted, Ennui, Resignation, Catharsis, Vindication, Contempt, Envy, Resentment, Euphoria, Empathy, Dread, Awe
  7. “Replies” must not use “figurative language”, “Litotes”, “metaphor”, “Simile”
  8. Be more formal and less joke`

Is there anything I can improve with my prompt? I am currently not an English native speaker so there are a lot of advancements in writing I do not know. But I also assume that the problem is around the way they distribute the token., the logic between words and words

Very very appreciate if there are people who help me to construct the prompt