Buggy ChatGPT Responses Today

Hi, GPT-4 user here. I’m getting buggy answers all the time today that don’t match my prompts, but are focused on older messages in the chat. When telling the AI that in the chat, it just tells me the same just in a different way.
Can’t work like that. Please fix it.

Can you give me an example?


Yes, no matter what I ask in this chat, it always talks again about tablet breakpoints and adjustments for tablet, even when I ask about a completely different type of code that I need:

To adjust the CSS for tablet devices specifically, you can use media queries that target tablet screen sizes. Typically, tablet screens range in width from about 768px to 1024px. You can adjust these values based on your specific needs or the devices you’re targeting.

Here’s an example of how you might write CSS to target tablet devices, adjusting the text line break behavior only for tablets:

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@media (min-width: 768px) and (max-width: 1024px) {
  .ue_taxonomy_item_title {
    white-space: normal; /* Allows text to wrap */

This CSS snippet uses a media query to apply the white-space: normal; style only to screens that are between 768px and 1024px wide, which typically includes tablets in portrait and landscape orientations. This will allow the text within .ue_taxonomy_item_title to wrap onto multiple lines if it’s too long to fit on one line, but only for tablet devices.

Remember to adjust the min-width and max-width values as needed to better match the devices you’re targeting.

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