Bug Report: Mismatch in Expected and Received Call IDs Resulting in 'BadRequest' Error in OpenAI Service Response During SubmitToolOutputs Operation

I’m creating an Assistant Api Chat bot. I’m seeing an issue when the AI requests multiple tool outputs. I have a log output showing how I requested a function get call for 5 different files at once. Which is correct, I asked AI to pull 5 different source code files via an Api so that we can make changes and then propagate those changes back. I know prob a bit complicated and should be broken into more prompts but it almost works. I can in the logs that all 5 files are retrieved and the issue occurs when calling the submit tools output function. I’ve pasted the error below. It’s looking for some non-existent call id. I can see the 5 call ids from the files it retrieved as expected. But not the one it’s looking for. Any help would be appreciated. I have detailed log files. I got the receipts. :slight_smile:

System.Exception: OpenAI Service Response (SubmitToolOutputsAsync) Not Received - ReasonPhrase: Bad Request - StatusCode: BadRequest - responseError: {
“error”: {
“message”: “Expected tool outputs for call_ids [‘call_i8scIXFDZ7IyQharm3ZOCE5e’], got [‘call_uSviv6TivrUjRri7ytPncodc’, ‘call_7TkTReH42NY8QLYmxVtubUvK’, ‘call_FVfaQGTQGoDPHTlsT1vJN37g’, ‘call_GJwvpkNB6xzyZAVUOstzkSfG’, ‘call_m0TNlGT2Pq3cw6d8OzWtqFRG’]”,
“type”: “invalid_request_error”,
“param”: null,
“code”: null