Bug Report: Big openapi.yaml distorts the plugin framework

I asked it to generate a quantum circuit for Shor’s algorithm. It responded with some irrelevant info. I asked what it had anything to do with the subject. It spilled out something almost in the gibberish zone.

The Shor in QASM plugin has been working fine for 3 months without any problems. The problem started when a plugin (under development) with a big OpenAPI.yaml was installed. It seems it interfered with all the other plugins.

Have you experienced similar problems in other plugins?

Actually, the problem is a bug.

I will recharacterize it.

When you install a few plugins, and if one of them has a big openapi.yaml (36 endpoints), all the responses will become irrelevant or gibberish, even if that big plugin is not published yet (still under development).

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Is this your plug-in? Or are you reporting one you use that doesn’t work?

I tested this scenario. I picked three plugins.

One officially published by others.
One published by us. (By the way, it does not matter. As soon as it is published, it would be just another plugin, in this context.)
One under development, with a big openapi.yaml.

The results: all responses for any prompts will become gibberish.

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Gotcha. If it’s able to be reproduced, I’d reach out to Bug Bounty or help.openai.com

Let us know how it turns out. Good luck!